Mohair PonchoR9000.00
Mohair PonchoR9000.00

Distinctive indigenous cashmere designs, handmade in Africa

Our Artisans

Through collaborating with local and global artisans, The Dedani Collection showcases a rich and diverse culture within its apparel and DECOR products, while still staying on top of trends. In producing these unique items, we hope to REVIVE traditional African styles in the modern-day fashion realm.

Our Craftmanship

Within every tangible object there lies a story. Its craftsmanship is imbued with history, knowledge and passion. The Dedani Collection embodies these stories, narrating them into opulently-designed, bespoke masterpieces. These works of art are made from woven and non-woven textiles, uniquely merged together into bespoke, handcrafted products.

Partners in unique African designs

Dedani’s textiles are supplied by cashmere producers Ivili Loboya, situated in Butterworth, a small town in the Eastern Cape of Southern Africa. Dedani’s blended textiles are wrought from the natural cashmere and sheep wool fibre production at the Ivili factory, using quality niche wools sourced from different South African breeds and blended with local cotton and wild silk from the North West. Ivili Loboya works with Sakhingomso Training and Development Centre, which is aimed at training the physically challenged.

Our Collections

The Dedani Collection offers a range of products inspired by its African origins and traditional roots. Our capes, ponchos, rugs and pillows all pay tribute to South Africa’s unique colourful style.

Made for U

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